Self-Care Tips

During these unprecedented times, self-care is extremely important for our mental and physical wellbeing. By self-care, we mean taking an active role in protecting our own wellbeing and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Here are five ways to help you get started with self-care:

1. Sleep

Good sleep is essential for our wellbeing. The World Health Organisation and the National Sleep Foundation both stipulate that we need eight hours of sleep per night. In his book ‘Why We Sleep’, Matthew Walker states that sleeping less than six or seven hours per night demolishes your immune system. We’ve got some tips on how to help you get good sleep during these unprecedented times.

Top Tips – Go to bed and wake up at the same time of day no matter what. Try not to exercise right before bed. Avoid stimulants like coffee or foods high in sugar a few hours before bedtime. Avoid phones, tablets and laptops, cutting out exposure to Blue Light, before bedtime. Avoid medicines that delay or disrupt your sleep and create a relaxing nighttime rituals.

2. Eat Well

Having a healthy and balanced diet is vital for both mind and body. At Irene Forte Skincare, we love the Mediterranean diet, which is widely believed to be the cleanest, healthiest and most balanced diet in the world, associated with good health and longevity. It is not about faddy trends and unsustainable eating habits.

Top Tip – If you would like to follow a Mediterranean diet, it involves: daily consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats; weekly intake of fish, poultry, beans and egg; moderate portions of dairy products, and limited intake of red meat. Say no to industrial food, and by this, we mean foods that are processed, refined or rich in saturated and trans fats.

3. Exercise

Exercise is vital for good health. It assists with internal movement of blood, nutrients, oxygen and cellular energy. It increases energy experienced on a daily basis, contributes to improved mood and stress level because endorphins are released, and also helps one maintain a healthy weight.

Top Tip – It’s easier than ever to exercise from home through YouTube, live videos on Instagram or fitness apps. Whether it’s a high-intensity class, a yoga class or just climbing the stairs, we should aim to get at least 30 minutes a day in, but anything is better than nothing.

4. Meditate

There are amazing scientific studies showing the benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness on the mind. While we’re self-isolating, there is no excuse that we don’t have time to mindfully meditate.

Top Tips – One of the easiest ways to meditate is to focus on your breath. You can meditate for as short or long as it is comfortable for you to do so, be it two or 20 minutes. Your thoughts will always wonder, just acknowledge when your thoughts drift and then calmly bring them back to your practice.

5. Look After Your Skin

At Irene Forte Skincare we are suckers for at-home facial rituals. Facials are a workout for the skin. They cleanse, boost circulation, and improve your skin’s natural glow.