Get acquainted with the locally sourced Mediterranean ingredients we use, alongside scientifically advanced elements, providing exceptional benefits without compromising on skin kindness.

Proven in laboratory trials to act as a potent antioxidant, and then some, meet the emerging skincare sensation that plays the starring role in our Lavender Face Cream.

At Irene Forte Skincare, the process of discovery is central to our product development and, thanks to our Scientific Director, Dr. Francesca Ferri’s pioneering research, emerging ingredients are brought to light in our skincare formulations. That is, ingredients proven exceptional in terms of their performance, and which perfectly complement the Mediterranean botanicals grown on our organic farm.

Glutathione has been available as a health supplement for some time but, in fact, recent evidence supporting its use as a skincare ingredient is far more credible. It’s what makes our Lavender Face Cream so incredibly effective at refining and enhancing the skin regardless of type, tone or texture, and we believe it deserves its time in the limelight.

Glutathione is…

Naturally present within us and plants, too, Glutathione is “the principal antioxidant in our bodies. It fights free radicals and protects against environmental damage, neatralising a large range of substances that are harmful for the skin,” Irene reveals.

Like collagen and vitamin A, our natural supply of Glutathione depletes as we age and, for skin, in particular – the last organ to receive the body’s nutrients, and therefore the most in need – a lack thereof gives way to a variety of concerns.

A Potent Protector

Skin sensitivity, acne and irritation, as well as premature ageing, are all symptoms of free radical damage. Antioxidants in skincare are your first line of defence against these damaging molecules.

The research proves that when it comes to antioxidants, Glutathione is unparalleled. It is incredible not only in its unrivaled potency, but – unlike others in the high-strength bracket, like vitamins C and A (retinol) – is also safe for sensitive skin, causing no adverse effects.

“The presence of amino acids helps to brighten and minimise dark spots. I couldn’t think up a better ingredient for our illuminating Lavender Face Cream.” – Irene Forte

A Brightening Star

Thanks to their continuous skin cell regeneration, amino acids and bright skin go hand-in-hand, and Glutathione is made up of these: cysteine, glutamate, and glycine. This works by restricting the melatonin-producing tyrosinase enzyme to reduce hyperpigmentation whilst actively encouraging the production of lighter melanin, turning up the lights further still. Thus, Lavender Face Cream is a wonderful (and entirely safe) source of support for skin changes during pregnancy and postpartum.

A Preserver of Skin’s Youth

Our scientific trials prove that Glutathione protects skin DNA, helping reduce signs of skin ageing. Contributing to this are the amino acids, which assist in building structural proteins for a firming and wrinkle-smoothing effect, and antioxidants, with their role in skin damage prevention.

Replenishing the stores of Glutathione we lose over time is also crucial to maintaining a healthy level, and incorporating this with a daily gesture like moisturisation is a simple way to preserve youthful skin for longer.

Glutathione: The Do’s

Eat Glutathione-boosting foods. Try tweaking your diet to include foods naturally rich in Glutathione (spinach, asparagus and avocado), sulfur (broccoli, cauliflower, watercress, kale, mustard greens), and vitamin C (citrus fruit, papaya, strawberries, kiwi, red bell pepper). This additional inner boost works to further enhance the benefits of Glutathione in your skincare.

Take a trip to your beauty clinic for a Glutathione shot. A fast and direct way to maximising its skin benefits, a Glutathione vitamin shot helps clear the body of toxins that lead to dark spots and wrinkles. Consider it like getting a regular facial – a masterful way to support the effects of your daily skincare.

Glutathione: The Don'ts

Be wary of incompatible ingredients. Most skincare ingredients have friends and foes. Though it isn’t harmful, we recommend avoiding the use of vitamin B12 and BHA products in conjunction with Glutathione, simply because low pH products could impact its ability to work well.

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