In Conversation With Cressida Bonas

Introducing the beautiful and talented actress, Cressida Bonas. She recently starred in White House Farm as Sheila Caffell. She has also just launched her own podcast, Fear Itself, where she invites guests to share their personal stories and feelings around fear.

Which place would you travel to now if you could?

I’d like to travel around New Zealand in a camper van and sleep under the stars on a big rug. This was the original plan for my honeymoon, but I'm not sure if that’s going to happen now because of the current situation, but I will keep dreaming…

What are your favourite spa treatments?

It has to be a massage, it's the biggest kind of treat... I never want it to end.

What are you doing to stay mentally well at the moment?

I'm practising gratitude daily. Before going to bed I think of three things I’m grateful for that day – this could be anything… the blue sky, a conversation with a friend I had that day, or a person I love. I try to move every day, by doing an online dance class or a long walk. As soon as I start to move, all of my worries seem to be less intense.

What helps you get to sleep if you are wired but tired?

CBD! OTO, a wonderful CBD brand who also sponsors my podcast, has this pillow mist which I highly recommend. It's extremely relaxing and helps me get to sleep a lot faster.

What is your skincare regime during the lock-down (morning and evening)?

Irene Forte Skincare is my absolute go-to. It's natural, it smells delicious and makes my skin feel really smooth. I often get dry or dehydrated skin and I find the White Wine Body Cream to be especially effective after having a shower in the morning or evening.

Do you have one evening or more a week where you spend time masking/pampering? What do you do?

I actually don’t, but I always think it’s a good idea to put some time aside for pampering and taking care of ourselves. Perhaps this can be my new ritual!

What is the best beauty/skin advice you've ever been given?

Don't put anything harsh on your skin and try not to use any chemicals. I’m also a big sun worshiper which is not great for the skin; when I was little I would burn and blister – not good! Since then, I wear factor 30 or 50 whenever I'm in the sun, which will hopefully stop any sun damage.

What's your favourite:


Educated by Tara Westover




Mine of course! Fear Itself with Cressida Bonas

Skincare product:

Irene Forte White Wine Body Cream


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