Ceramides for Skin

What are Ceramides?

Ceramides are long-chain fatty acids. They’re a natural component of human skin, and make up over 50% of its composition. Approximately nine types of Ceramides are commonly found in the skin, across all four layers of the epidermis. 

What do Ceramides do? 

Ceramides have proven anti-ageing properties. They are seen as the glue that helps hold the skin cells together, and they create a protective barrier to prevent permeability. This locks moisture into the skin, which helps prevent dryness, irritation and infection. 

Why should I incorporate Ceramides into my Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine?

You may be thinking why do I need Ceramides if they are already naturally occurring in the skin? Young skin produces lots of Ceramides. However, as we age, Ceramide quality and quantity reduces. Reduction in the amount of Ceramides may result in dry skin, dermatitis, or wrinkles. Therefore, topical application of Ceramides is incredibly important to maintain skin that looks and feels healthy, and works especially well for more mature skin.

Are Ceramides Good for Sensitive Skin?

Ceramides are skin-identical ingredients, because they occur naturally in the skin. This makes them an ideal ingredient for all skin types. However, they’re particularly important for sensitive skin. A damaged skin barrier can lead to redness, inflammation, dryness and itchiness; in short, sensitised skin. Ceramides help to repair and strengthen our skin's barrier, soothing inflamed or damaged skin. 

Indeed, our Ceramide products (Hibiscus Serum and Hibiscus Night Cream) are clinically approved for sensitive skin. They have been specifically tested on sensitive skin with a 96-hour occluded patch test, and they can be used both morning and evening to soothe the skin. 

“Ceramides are a fountain of youth. They keep your skin protected, plump and healthy. They’re also vital for sensitive skin. As a brand that prides itself on being effective yet gentle on the skin, I knew it was so important to integrate Ceramides into our products.” IRENE FORTE 

Introducing our Tetra-Ceramide Complex

Our Tetra-Ceramide Complex is a concentrated mix of four different Ceramides that work to replenish the skin’s natural Ceramides. This unique Ceramide mix is proven to restore the skin’s protective barrier, locking in moisture which results in more supple-looking skin and less visible wrinkles. This Complex can be found in our hero Myoxinol™ products (Hibiscus Serum and Hibiscus Night Cream). 

Introducing our Pro-Ceramide

Also in our Hibiscus Serum and our Hibiscus Night Cream, the Pro-Ceramide is a precursor to Ceramides, which contains skin-identical lipids that coordinate with the Tetra-Ceramide Complex to restore the protective barrier of the skin. It supports the function of the skin barrier by helping incorporate Ceramides and stimulating the production of Natural Moisturizing Factors. This results in an enhanced moisturisation and protection, leading to less sensitive and dry skin. 

Should you use Ceramides at night?

Ceramides are fantastic to reduce the effect of overnight water loss and rejuvenate the skin’s moisture barrier. That’s why our Hibiscus Night Cream contains both our Tetra-Ceramide Complex and Pro-Ceramide. It also contains Cholesterol and Omega-Rich Oils; like Ceramides, both are critical to skin-barrier repair, but all three are most effective when used together. These ingredients, combined with our anti-ageing peptides (Myoxinol™ and Green Pea Polypeptides), boost Collagen and Elastin production, as well as visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Our Ceramide-Restoring Serum 

Our Hibiscus Serum contains both our Tetra-Ceramide Complex and Pro-Ceramide. They nourish and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier, and are perfectly combined with the Cholesterol and Omega-Rich Oils in this product. They work in tandem with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin, and a trio of peptides: Myoxinol™ scavenges free radicals and smooths wrinkles; Green Pea Polypeptides encourage Collagen and Elastin synthesis; Tetrapeptide improves skin firmness and plumpness. 



MAIN BENEFITS: Create a protective barrier, lock in moisture, prevent dryness, irritation and infection. 

WHO SHOULD USE: Generally, Ceramides are safe for all skin types. They’re especially great for sensitive and mature skin. 

FREQUENCY OF USE: For maximum efficacy, they should be used daily, both morning and evening. 

WORK WELL WITH: Cholesterol, Omega-Rich Oils (Fatty Acids), Anti-Ageing Ingredients (e.g. Peptides), Hyaluronic Acid, and various antioxidants.