Peptides in Skincare

What is a Peptide? 

When amino acids link together, the chain they form is called an amino peptide. Peptides are short chains of amino acids, and are the building blocks of proteins. The most commonly known proteins in the skin are Collagen, Elastin and Keratin, which are responsible for skin texture and tone. There are hundreds of different peptides, all of which are made from different combinations of amino acids. Different types of peptides have different benefits on the skin.  

What are the Skin Benefits of Peptides? 

Peptides can bring many benefits to the skin, and the specifics depend on the type of peptide in the product. They combat a wide range of skin issues and concerns, such as a lack of elasticity and firmness, dehydration, impaired barrier function, fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation, and uneven skin tone. Read on for the key peptides we use, and the great benefits they bring to the skin.

We Have Three Key Peptides in our Products:


Myoxinol™ , our proprietary ingredient, is a peptide featured in the Hibiscus Serum, Prickly Pear Face Cream, and Hibiscus Night Cream. Our Myoxinol™ regime is clinically proven to deliver visible wrinkle reduction that gets more and more noticeable the longer the regime is used, and especially works to combat deep forehead lines

This bio-peptide is extracted from Hibiscus Seeds, which combats the biological and mechanical formation of wrinkles and expression lines through Botulinum toxin-like activity. Myoxinol™ is also a proven antioxidant; it activates the cell’s natural defences to prevent oxidative damage, thus biologically delaying the ageing of cells. Its collective efficacy against both mechanical and biological ageing factors means that Myoxinol™ demonstrates long-term anti-ageing properties.

Green Pea Polypeptides

Green Pea Polypeptides are in our Hibiscus Serum and Hibiscus Night Cream. These bio-peptides are extracted from Green Pea Seeds. The main function of these peptides is to enhance the excretion of important elasticity factors and to maintain and improve the structure of the skin. Additionally, they protect against proteases, such as skin elastase, which are enzymes that break down the structural proteins in the skin resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. Even at small concentrations, these peptides are proven to increase Collagen and Elastin synthesis, as well as improve and maintain surface hydration. 


This peptide is in our Hibiscus Serum. This unique protein building block provides targeted action on the dermal structure by stimulating the synthesis of Collagen and Lumican, a structural protein which optimises the organisation of the Collagen fibres. It’s proven to increase the dermal density and improve skin firmness, creating a volumising and 3D effect.

IRENE’S TOP TIP: Peptides are expensive, so don’t waste your money on peptide-filled cleansers (products you instantly wash off). Opt for a serum or a moisturiser, like our Hibiscus Serum, Prickly Pear Face Cream or Hibiscus Night Cream. 

Can I use Peptide Products for Sensitive Skin? 

All of our peptide products (Hibiscus Serum, Prickly Pear Face Cream and Hibiscus Night Cream) are clinically approved for sensitive skin. They have been specifically tested on sensitive skin with a 96-hour occluded patch test, and they can be used both morning and evening without irritating the skin. They are also suitable for all skin types, especially mature, dry, or dehydrated. 

Hibiscus Serum, the Best Peptide Serum 

Our Hibiscus Serum contains a trio of peptides, ensuring it delivers exceptional results: Myoxinol™ scavenges free radicals and smooths wrinkles; Green Pea Polypeptides encourage Collagen and Elastin synthesis; Tetrapeptide improves skin firmness and plumpness. Peptides work in tandem with Hyaluronic Acid, and this serum contains Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid to create below the surface hydration and plump the skin. Our peptide trio also work well with the Tetra-Ceramide Complex in this serum, which nourishes and protects the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Hibiscus Night Cream, the Best Peptide Night Cream

Our Hibiscus Night Cream contains two peptides: Myoxinol™ scavenges free radicals and smooths wrinkles; Green Pea Polypeptides encourage Collagen and Elastin synthesis. This night cream also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Oil Fractions and a Tetra-Ceramide Complex that work in harmony with the body’s natural circadian rhythm to help reduce the effect of overnight water loss and rejuvenate the skin’s moisture barrier. There’s no wonder why volunteers confirmed that they looked years younger in just 10 days in a blind consumer trial on this product.



MAIN BENEFITS: Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness and elasticity, improve barrier function, lock in hydration, ease inflammation, even out skin tone. 

WHO SHOULD USE: Generally, peptides are safe for all skin types. They’re especially great for mature skin. 

FREQUENCY OF USE: For maximum efficacy, they should be used daily, both morning and evening. 

WORK WELL WITH: Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, and various antioxidants. 

DON’T WORK WELL WITH: Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids- they actually make them work less efficiently.