In Conversation With Marta Bermejo - Trébol Organics

This summer, we launched some of our favourite products at Trébol Organics, a natural cosmetic online store based in Spain, Madrid. Stocked with ecological and vegan brands, Trébol Organics ensures their customers are using products that are not only beneficial for their skin, but for the environment too! We spoke with the founder, Marta Bermejo, about her journey with the store and the concept of clean beauty.

Why and when did you start Trébol Organics?

I had the idea to create a shop like Trébol Organics a few years ago, but we only came onto the market in June 2020!

I truly believe that nature is more than enough to nourish and love our skin. This reason pushed me to show people that there is no need to apply harmful ingredients to look after the skin. Not only that, the results are way better.

What have your biggest challenges been?

In Spain, these types of cosmetics are not as developed as they are in other countries. I lived in the UK for a few years and now I live in France, where this industry has almost overtaken the chemical industry. In Spain, the market of ecological cosmetics is growing, but still, people only associate it with sustainability, veganism and being cruelty-free…which is important, of course, but my challenge is to create tendency. These cosmetics are so lovely and trendy!

What do you look for when selecting a skincare brand?

They have to be cruelty-free, created without chemicals that are harmful to our bodies, and developed through sustainable production processes. Also, I care so much about the packaging. Not only must it be environmentally friendly, it must also be beautiful!

Why did you choose Irene Forte Skincare?

Irene Forte Skincare fulfils everything mentioned in the previous question, but this brand goes much further. From all the brands that I have tried, it is the one that has taken the least time to introduce into Trébol Organics. It only took me a few days! The products have the most incredible textures and aromas, and visibly improves the skin. The morning after using the Hibiscus Night Cream makes your skin look as if you have slept for ten hours!

What's the one beauty product you can't live without?

Cleansers. I love the ritual of cleaning my face every night. It is a time just for me. At Trébol Organics, we give great importance to facial cleansing, as we believe it is key to our skin’s health. I love love love Cleansing Balms and Cleansing Milks, such as the amazing Almond Cleansing Milk from Irene Forte Skincare.

What do you think the future of skincare looks like?

I have a very positive outlook on the future. There has been a change of consciousness in humanity. People are becoming increasingly aware of leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Changes have occurred in diet, in caring for the planet and animals, and now more and more people are revolutionising their bathrooms with natural cosmetics. We are the future of Clean Beauty!

What do you have in store for 2021?

Loads of lovely projects! I want to introduce a few more brands to establish a good base. Also, I want to guide people to create healthy and beneficial beauty routines. If the worldwide situation gets better, I would love to organise some events.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Spend a little time on yourself every day. I would advise myself to create a beauty routine to increase self-love. Additionally, to switch to natural cosmetics sooner than I did.