The Result of the
Work of a lifetime

From her student days in the 70s, Dr. Francesca Ferri has been fascinated by the hormone melatonin and in particular, its counterpart in plants: phytomelatonin. Through the development of a patented technique to extract phytomelatonin from plants in 2006; the publication of research in 2019 that showed phytomelatonin can regulate skin ageing; and now our launch this year of Phytomelatonin Rejuvenating Serum, Dr. Ferri’s fascination has grown into a lifelong quest to understand the role and benefits of phytomelatonin.


With Dr Ferri 70% APM ™



RRP: £225 / €260 / $290


35 years of natural skincare research by Dr. Francesca Ferri has culminated in the launch of this breakthrough serum with Alpine Plant Melatonin (APM)

Phytomelatonin rejuvenating serum delivers visibly younger skin at 4 Weeks, even more so at 8 Weeks

The usual signs of skin ageing: wrinkle volume, brown spots, UV spots and visible pores showed significant decreases. While that feature of younger skin, elasticity, actually increased.

Strong in Effect But Gentle in Action

At the same time as signs of ageing decreased, the serum also calmed the skin, with red areas and blemishes decreasing significantly. Clinical testing on volunteers with self-diagnosed sensitive skin showed so little reaction that this serum has also been approved for use on sensitive skin.

    Our Ingredients

    We focus on locally sourced Mediterranean ingredients, many of which come from our Organic Farm in Sicily. Each ingredient must smell and feel amazing but more importantly have clear benefits in use, without any compromise in skin kindness.

  • 70% APM

    Hormones can have a wide variety of profound effects on the skin. Oestrogen, progesterone and the androgens have for example been shown to regulate the condition of the skin via multiple mechanisms that can address skin degradation, wrinkles and dryness, and stimulate the development of new skin cells. The breakthrough with phytomelatonin (APM) is that it has not only been shown to have very similar effects in the laboratory, but also been shown to visibly reverse signs of skin ageing in clinical trials when applied as a serum.

    Dr. Ferri’s patented extraction technique has been used to obtain a lipophilic phytomelatonin extract from three alpine plants with particularly high levels of the hormone due to the stressful alpine environment. This natural origin of phytomelatonin is important because it rules out any possibility of the contamination which can and does occur with chemical synthesis of melatonin.

  • 30% Vitamin E

    A stable form of Vitamin E with antioxidant properties. It strengthens the skin barrier function and has moisturising benefits.

  • Full ingredients

    Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract*, Tocopheryl Acetate, Achillea
    Millefolium Flower Extract*, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract*.

    *Dr. Ferri's patented technique has extracted a lipophilic
    phytomelatonin oil from these three alpine plants.