A private mediterranean event

Brown's Hotel,
6th june, 12pm-8pm,
with drinks and nibbles

Please join Irene Forte Skincare, Maria De La Orden Studio and The Ysso for an exclusive event to celebrate the best of the Mediterranean and the start of summer.

The event will take place in the heart of London’s elegant Mayfair. Drinks and nibbles will be served throughout the day.


During my time working at Rocco Forte Hotels for almost a decade, overseeing their spa and wellness offering. I saw the opportunity for natural and experiential formulations to be improved by scientific insight. I also wanted to create a business with sustainability at its core.

I had the perfect base from which to start a natural line with our organic farm in Sicily, but I knew that I needed a brilliant scientific mind to help me formulate. So I teamed up with Dr. Francesca Ferri to address this gap in the market by developing the ‘Irene Forte‘ natural skincare range.

Irene Forte

When I came back from a family trip to Peru back in 2019, I was amazed by the local crafts and returned to Madrid with my arms full of colourful fabrics.

This is how I got into fashion and created my first collection.

On Instagram, the magic quickly worked, with clients and followers raving about our total looks with a strong DNA made of colourful & vintage details twisted from our childhood, produced in limited editions in natural and ecoresponsible materials.

Maria de la Orden

I started YSSO with my mother, an archaeologist, and who has more than 30 years of jewellery making expertise.

We began YSSO to celebrate Greek jewellery making craftsmanship and history of design, making modern jewellery designs inspired by history, art and architecture. We are a conscious brand, produced exclusively in Greece, in up to 35% recycled metals, with fully recycled and recyclable packaging.

All our designs are produced either on pre order and limited editions - and we advocate timeless design as part of our core mission.

alexia karides

brown's hotel

In the heart of London’s elegant Mayfair, Brown’s Hotel is an iconic luxury hotel where history and 21st century sophistication come together.




Founded by beauty entrepreneur, Irene Forte, Irene Forte Skincare is characterised as ‘Natural Science’.

Irene Forte Skincare achieves outstanding results with natural ingredients in formulations shaped by 35 years of skincare research and development. With her Scientific Director, Dr. Francesca Ferri - a pioneer in the medical use of plant extracts to treat skin conditions - Irene has introduced novel ingredients in products which have shown outstanding activity in independent clinical and consumer trials.