Imagine the quintessential Sicilian farm. The sun is shining, the crickets are chirping, and the air is heavy with the scent of freshly grown aromatic herbs. The azure blue sea shimmers in the distance with a skyline that stretches for miles.

In the orchards there are 2000 olive trees around a copse of 20 lemon trees, all laden with ripe fruit. Stretching into the distance are 3000 orange trees with their distinctive Sicilian oranges. Between the orchards there are pomegranates, almonds, prickly pear cacti and lines of healthy vegetables and beautiful botanicals.

If it sounds like a kind of paradise, that's because it is. Verdura Società Agricola is our very own organic farm in Sicily and is where we lovingly source our principle ingredients. 

Everything is grown to traditional standards, free from chemical interference, and we take advantage of the seasons as they change. At Verdura we enjoy 230 hectares of the very best Sicily has to offer and this resource allows us to access a level of freshness and quality unparalleled in cosmetic manufacturing.

Verdura’s produce sits at the heart of our skincare line, diffusing the very essence of Mediterranean wellness into every bottle.